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"The best thing I can do for you

is to urge you to ORDER

one of the (3) great performing boards of all time."


(1)  full bodied shortboard for mature riders...


"Extremely fast"

"...a blast, super fast and responsive!" - Mike Klosterman

"The Heater is super fast without even having to generate my own speed which is amazing. Most boards require me to at least roller coaster to keep the speed. Also, Heater does well on critical drops. The key is to get into the wave early (use some muscle on the paddle in) and then the board does the rest. Floaters are a breeze. With the responsive set of Future fins the board seems to cutback smoothly and bounce of lips too. - Scott Holt

"Turns on a dime!"

"Heater. I really like it a lot.

It catches waves good, rides fast, and is easy to turn.

It's so much fun I don't want to get out of the water."

- Mike James

Action photos, courtesy Jesse Fisher


(2) full feature, thoroughly proven longboard...




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(3) ultra performance Stand Up Surfboard...


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Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJBS-PRRIgw

Two important reasons why these boards are only sold through this phone number...

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1.  This way is cheaper for you than buying from a surf shop or even mass outlet.

2  Purchase of a Tom Morey design, properly modified

for your weight, size and local conditons;

deserves careful first hand discussion with

 a thoughtful and considerate expert.

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